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Dancing onto the big screen: The annual Moving Pictures Festival offers up the best 'dance-media collisions' on tape and celluloid

by Paula Citron

The Globe and Mail, Oct. 22, 2002

This article features highlights of dance-film pieces from the 11th annual Moving Pictures Festival. Citron's review presents a diverse cross-section of styles and subject matter, from documentaries, full-length fiction, foreign dance films and experimental films. Though all the genres feature exceptional dancing, choreography and filmmaking, what seems to particularly come alive in these films is not simply the dance itself but the melding of imaginations between director and choreographer. Also of interest is how many of the films also foreground the transformation of dances one has seen live onto film and the innovative results.

ITEM 2002.183 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Dance of the WarriorMarie Brodeur

Dance of the WarriorSid Ali

Satin RougeRaja Amari

Motion ControlDavid Anderson

Hit and RunJohn Comiskey

Motion ControlLiz Aggiss

Motion ControlBilly Cowie

Hit and RunDavid Bolger

Shadow BoxingJason Ebanks

Ghost WorldSioned Watkins

Ghost WorldSarah Williams

Ghost WorldAlex Geng

The RidersSandi Somers

The RidersNicole Mion

Peep ShowRobert DeLeskie

Peep ShowGregory Nixon

Peep ShowMalgorzata Nowacka

Bollywood/HollywoodDeepa Mehta

Riccione TTV

The Pitch