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Art is African Spiritual Odyssey for Jamaican Artist

by David Johnson

Focusing on both her international appeal and individuality, this is a portrait-of-the-artist style snapshot of Winsom, a Jamaican born artist living in Toronto. After attending art school in Kingston, Winsom moved to Toronto. She dropped her last name, a slave name, beginning a process of redefining herself and woman and artist. Ironically, it was after leaving Jamaica that Winsom began discovering her African roots on a spiritual level. She studied African textile design and dye techniques soon after arriving in Toronto; this led to several trips all over Africa which brought her "closer to [her] culture" while studying with "some old masters". After experiencing a profound transformation in Nigeria and Ghana, African healing and symbolism came to play a dominant role in her work and life.

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Yemaya AsesuWinsom

Kofi Kayiga