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new queer cinema

by Susan Corrigan

i-D, Jan. 1993, no. 112, pp. 56-57

Corrigan's article profiles several leaders of the New Queer Cinema in an attempt to define the pivotal year that saw queer culture redefined. Along with movements like the Queercore fanzine movement and Riot Grrrls, 1992 saw the birth of a new wave of gay counter-culturalists. With roots in Warhol and la nouvelle vague, the films and videos of the New Queer Cinema saw an entire generation break free from the confines of AIDS and a sanitized gay culture. Reclaiming the once derogatory term "queer", the New Queer Cinema became a new genre in itself when it first became a category at the Toronto film Festival of Festivals. The term was now defined as more confrontational and courageous as opposed to safe and complacent, influenced by punk rock culture and pop music, both traditionally known for their counterculture currents. Like other genres and movements, queer cinema struggles with women's representation, but artists like Rose Troche and Sadie Benning are in an excellent position to balance the boys' club image.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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Longtime Companion

Sadie Benning

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