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Documentary Reframed: Process, Politics and Aesthetics

by Maureen Latta

Documentary Reframed, 2007

Saskatoon: Paved Arts, 2007

Presented by PAVED Arts, Documentary Reframed examines the recent rise of the documentary through screenings of independent Canadian and international documentary film and videos. Built around four themes, the programs explore how the popularity of documentaries affects media artists and filmmakers working outside the corporate broadcast production arena. As a whole, the works push the boundaries of what is considered "documentary". In addition to the screenings, Documentary Reframed includes a resource centre with and a "home theatre" for individual viewings in its Media Gallery, showing work by Harun Farocki on DVD throught the festival.

ITEM 2007.125 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Harun FarockiThe Creators of Shopping Worlds