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Attack [retreat]

by Steve Reinke

Attack [retreat], 2000

Brussels: argos, 2000

Steve Reinke, in the text for the exhibition Attack [retreat], discusses the works of the five participating artists. Carry Kim's performance Sighting Elvis, places three Elvis impersonators in a fictional green room, which the audience can view through a peep-hole or on a television. Jubal Brown's Operation documents a performance wherein Brown extracts pieces of his own fat and flesh and burns them, as an homage to the body art performances of the 1970s. Eddo Stern's Sheik Attack combines 1960s Israeli pop songs with violent scenes from militaristic computer games. Moderately Paced Video by Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby is a two-channel video installation; one animated video of animals with human faces who appear to be speaking, and the other video is a series of banal, satirical monologues, one per each animal.

ITEM 2000.119 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

OperationJubal Brown

Moderately-Paced VideoEmily Vey Duke

Moderately-Paced VideoCooper Battersby

Sighting ElvisCarry Kim

Sheik AttackEddo Stern

Rock AttackEddo Stern