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The Exhibition

by David Nasby

Realism: Structure & Illusion Towards a Definition of Representational Art, 1981, p. 7

Burlington: Burlington Cultural Centre, 1981

This article is a global introduction to some of the themes currently at issue in contemporary portraiture in several different media. Nasby groups artists together into several common themes in order to explain the rationale for who is exhibitited.

ITEM 1981.042 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

REDBarbara Astman

Evan Penny

Colette Whiten

Richard Robertson

Arnaud Maggs

Tom Sherman

Lynn Donoghue

Phil Richards

Robert Young

Jonathan Smith

Jim Brodie

Nora Hutchinson

Darci Schuler-Mallon

Richard Buff

Robert Iveson

Ian Carr-Harris

Noel Harding

William Moore

Michael Snow

Paul Beliveau

John Hall

David Magee

Ken Nutt