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Video killed the radio star...: But helped the artist go mobile

by Isabel Nunez

Mainichi Daily News, July 7, 1998

This article profiles the video installation Should I Go or Should I Stay?, a first time collaboration between Anna Dadvis and Atsushi Ogata. Taking its cue quite literally from the title, it focusses on concepts of time and space, a constant state of motion/travel and the notion of home being fluid. These ideas are paralleled both in the recent lifestyle of the artists and the chosen medium, video being a mobile medium, both geographically and conceptually. The title of the piece also alludes to questions of "staying" with video or "going" with newer media, another issue raised by the work. Fittingly, the installation is presented in a lobby space, which is itself transitory.

ITEM 1998.013 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Should I Go or Should I Stay?Anna Davis

Should I Go or Should I Stay?Atsushi Ogata

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