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Between the Lines: Valerie Mrejen's words and pictures

by Francis McKee

Coil Journal of the Moving Image, May Spring 1998, no. 6

This essay profiles several video works by Valeri Mrejen. For the purpose of her article, Francis McKee divides each video by its script; these scripts form the integral text element of the works, which is a natural progression from Mrejen's earlier text pieces. However, whereas Mrejen's older work alternated constantly between text and image, creating a puzzle for the reader to solve, in these new works, the images vs. script make the viewer re-evaluate the situation unfolding in the image presented. This newer set of works also portrays psychologically dramatic scenes and unravel in real time, exploring the damaging potential of language and the growing chasm between words and their meaning.

ITEM 1998.076 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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