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The Art of Denial / The Practice of Pain

by Vera Frenkel

Issues of Censorship, 1985, pp. 56-61

Toronto: A Space, 1985

The publication of Issues of Censorship was inspired by the seizure of videotapes and equipment from A Space Gallery by the Ontario Censor Board. The Censor Board's authority to do this was challenged, resulting in the successful return of the tapes and equipment without penalty. Issues of Censorships presents works by artists and writers that articulate a variety of critical views of censorship. The underlying theme of the publication is that of representation. The works address issues such as: the management of our sexual lives; the ideological formation of "freedom of speech"; and the economics of cultural control. Vera Frenkel's text explores the issues that relate to the context of the publication, and her videotape The Business of Frightened Desires, which was shown shortly after the A Space raid.

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