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Jesika Joy's erotic gaze: Show offers sex along with politics Artist says her desirability is key

by Peter Godard

The Toronto Star, Aug. 24, 2006

This review of Jesika Joy's exhibition (Mis)recognizing Desire - Desiring (Mis)recognition at Trinity Square Video gallery offers a brief yet informative glimpse into the artist's provoking work. Recalling Eros '65, a show that was busted by police and shut down the Dorothy Cameron Gallery, Joy's show ups the ante on how artists must deal with sex. Joy uses her body as both palette and tool; her work is confrontational and manipulative, controlling what the viewer can and can't see, despite her objectication through their gaze. She insists that it is impossible to separate the sexual from the political both within the art world and beyond and also divulges that much of her work is driven by her own personal politics and sexuality.

ITEM 2006.130 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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