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Marriott's Snarl Becomes a Grin

by Gary Michael Dault

The Globe and Mail, June 26, 1999

This article provides a synopsis of John Marriot's latest exhibition at the Koffler Gallery. Contrary to Marriot's ongoing critique of public institutions (especially art galleries - so much so that he once deep-fried a Grecian urn), Soft Spots is a disarmingly genial exhibit. The show features a black leather bench that when sat upon says a cheery "hello" to the patron; a clock that instead of featuring numbers on its face, instead has the word "WELL" written repeatedly; a large carpet made of "memorapedic foam"; a doorway cut like a giant smile through which the viewer must climb in order to reach the next room; and lastly, a video following the progress of a large, orange tabby cat as he walks through the Art Gallery of Ontario bored by what he sees.

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