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Noise Under the Tongue

by Sylvie Gilbert

Walter Phillips Gallery, Feb. 2, 1990, pp. 6-27

Banff: Walter Phillips Gallery, 1990

In this exhibition program, Gilbert describes the artists in the exhibtition Noise Under the Tongue as engaging with "contemporary feminist social concerns such as cultural identity, the colonization of the west, the family, assimilation by media culture and sexual identity" as individuals embedded, rather than removed, from this cultural experience. In Yvonne Markotic's video A video by Yvonne Markotic a female figure presented with the directions of an off screen male refuses to respond to his commands, fighting against the male gaze through silence. In other works, the artists defy some form of subjugation due to identity.

ITEM 1990.074 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

But TogetherJoyce Fraser

MalloyJoyce Fraser

A video by Yvonne MarkoticYvonne Markotic

Run AwayYvonne Markotic

LegendNelson Henricks

Fool's HouseNelson Henricks

dearthMark Dicey

dearthCheryl K. L'Hirondelle

Site UnseenBrian Rusted

Exquisite CorpseGeorge Bures Miller