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EXHIBITION REVIEW: UK/Canadian Video Exchange 2003

by Diana Baldon

Matters, Apr. 10 Summer, 2003, no. 17, pp. Cover, 51

In a exhibition review of the 2003 UK/Canadian Video Exchange occuring at the South London Gallery, Diana Baldon analyzes, compares and contrasts the artistic approaches and subject matter of Canadian and European video artwork.

This project was iniated by video artists from London (Catherine Elwes) and Toronto (Lisa Steele). The third ever UK-Canada video exchange offers much local independent video art from both national paradigms for intercultural deliberation.

Overall, Baldon finds the Canadian filmmaking examples (from Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg) discursively reference multicultural identity, while their British counterparts are inclined to use video to blur pre-existing formal boundaries arbitrarily categorizing artistic genres.

ITEM 2003.110 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Sad Disco FantasiaSteve Reinke

Michael Maziere

DeliriumTheodore Tagholm

Where is here?John Smith

Frozen WarJeremy Welsh

White OutRobert Morin

Yes Sir! MadameTasman Richardson

Atari 2600 RemixesSteve Ball

Sevenths Synthesis