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Interview Brett Kashmere

by Nancy Keefe Rhodes, May 18, 2007

Nancy Keefe Rhodes Interviews Brett Kashmere about his experimental documentary making practice. His recent film, Valery's Ankle, which looks at violence in Canadian hockey, brings together the worlds of experimental film and sport allowing for discussion and insight from usually segregated communities. Kashmere's overwhelming itinerary of festivals, including Toronto's Images Festival, conferences and exhibitions of the film shows the interest that this work has generated. An international filmmaker, a curator and workshop leader - he runs One Take Super 8 in various locations around Canada and the U.S. Kashmere wants to to bring people 'in', to an experimental film festival, to a gallery space, and to a hockey rink.

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Valery's AnkleBrett Kashmere

Unfinished PassagesBrett Kashmere

Collage du HollywoodBrett Kashmere

Collage du HollywoodRichard Kerr