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ART IS COMMUNICATIONS: On Curating This Videotex Exhibition

by Geoffrey Shea

Art is Communications, Nov. 15, 1985, pp. 8-9

Toronto: ASpace, 1985

"Art is Communications illustrates the use and development of videotex in the realm of art in Canada.The curators aspire to...heighten a critical awareness of the medium as an expressive tool through a selected exhibition of videotex artworks and written reflections based on the culture/technology experience."

(Petro and Shea, 1985)

Geoffrey Shea establishes his personal motivations for curating of ART IS COMMUNICATIONS. Attempting to provide an objective view of technological determined artwork, he attempts to understand writers' and artists' perceptions of subconsciously embedded ideologies in cultural production informed by technology. Within the subject matter of exhbition's work, Shea also identifies overarching oppositions between formal and organic structures, personal/political themes, and procedural references to the disparity between an artist's creative ideal and the final product. Comparing the discourse and contingencies of technology as embodying the omnipresence of gods and attaining mythical status in mainstream culture, Shea concludes that the objective of this exhibition is to enrich an audience's subconscious understanding of technologically infiltrated daily living.

ITEM 1985.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre