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New Video Realities

by Glen Lewis

Cologne Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue 1986, 1986

Cologne: Cologne Art Fair, 1986

Glen Lewis, curator of the Canadian Video Exhibition at the Cologne Art Fair in 1986 discusses the emergence of video and computer animation technology and how it aligns with post modern fine art practice. The work of Ardele Lister, who Lewis exhibited at Cologne, deals with 'the sins of the modern world,' technology and advertising, and false promises.' Lewis writes "Computer simulation by the way of the 'camera' returns us to a renaissance concept of perspective as a geometric rather than an optical phenomenon and situates reality once again in a domain of mathematical constructs...and the future of cinematic language-hence the social construction of reality-will be rescued from the tyranny of perceptual imperialists and placed in the hands of artists and amateurs." In English, with translations to French and German.

ITEM 1986.088 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

HellArdele Lister

Zoe's CarArdele Lister

HellJill Kroesen

Zoe's CarJill Kroesen