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Elemental Invasions

by Jessica Wyman

Invasions. A media arts exchange., 2004

Toronto: Toronto Alternative Art Fair International, 2004

Exhibition program from Invasions: A media Arts Exchange by the Elements Collective, and essay by Jessica Wyman. The works in Invasions explore concepts of location and dislocation as they relate to the development of the self. Attempting to bridge a divide between artists in rural and urban Ontario, the program was composed of two screenings, one on Sacred Grounds of the Whitefish Lake First Nation, and one at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Jessica Wyman's essay, Elemental Invasions explores each work in their instance in multiple insertions of the self into nature and of the natural world into ideas of the self.

ITEM 2004.131 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Forbidden ReturnMercedes Cueto

Death and Small Gods (Nacken)Gunilla Josephson

In LimboAnnette Mangaard

untitled (blue) or knowing how to love the cloudsPamila Matharu

StoringDarlene Naponse

petit peche (little sin)Cheryl Rondeau