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Artists' Action and the Politics of Representation

by Pauline Cummins

Locus Suspectus: Where the Hidden Comes to Light, Sept. 10, 2004

Calgary: Truck contemporary art, 2004

"In Britain and Canada, video was seen as revolutionary because it developed in opposition to its very origins, namely television and commercial television in particular. In Ireland, video was revolutionary because it emerged as an innovative means of expression for feminist artists at a time of social significance. " In her contribution to the exhibition programme Locus Suspectus: Where the Hidden Comes to Light Irish video artist and curator explores the emergence of a feminist voice in Irish video art; the organizations and councils that supported women making video art, and the common themes which emerged as the medium took hold.

ITEM 2004.106 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Altered TracksAnne Tallentire

The Belly BreathingAllana O'Kelly

EchoesAllana O'Kelly

Chant Down GreenhamAllana O'Kelly

Sounding the DepthsPauline Cummins

Sounding the DepthsLouise Walsh

Moira McIver

Venus Fly TrapCiara Moore

SmileAugustine O'Donoghue

Nadine McDonogh

Mark Palmer

TurasFrances Hegarty