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Culture Without a Country

by Ammiel Alcalay

Afterimage, May 1990, v. 17, no. 10, pp. 16 - 17

This magazine article describes Uprising: Videotapes on the Palestinian Resistance, an exhibition focusing on images produced in the Middle East. The exhibit shows both highly personal works and documentary videos.

"Culture Without a Country" is a review on Uprising: Videotapes on Palestinian Resistance, which provides an opportunity to view images produced in the Middle East.

This would allow for viewers to "reread and interrogate the accepted wisdom of images transmitted by the mass media as well as through a variety of social and cultural constructs of "others" (16). The works range from traditional documentary to personal seizure. A short description of each works is included.

ITEM 1990.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The ShelterRashid Masharawi

War Generation: BeirutMai Masri

War Generation: BeirutJean Chamoun

Eyes SkinnedMona Hatoum

Measures of DistanceMona Hatoum

The Stone ThrowersGeorges Khleifi

The Stone ThrowersZiad Fahoum

Nazareth in AugustNroman Cowie

Nazareth in AugustAhmed Damian

Nazareth in AugustDan Walworth

Intifafah: Speaking for OneselfJayce Salloum

Intifadah: Speaking for OneselfElia Suleiman