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Telematic Connections, Aug. 25, 2004

An online article about the democratic and creatively mobilizing potentials of Superchannel, a user-generation online TV channel operated by Danish artist collective Superflex in collaboration with Coronation Court residents in Liverpool. The increased content personalization, altered and blurring producer/user relationship and allows for enhanced social networking and foster a stronger sense of public sphere. The expanded global broadcasting community has outlets from Netherlands to Japan.

ITEM 2004.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

TeleZoneErich Berger

TeleZonePeter Purgarthofer

channelUntitledDiane Bertolo

Light on the NetMasaki Fujihata

Ouija 2000Ken Goldberg

CommunityOchen K

Re:mote_cop@REALitiesTina LaPorta

Telematic ManifestoRandall Packer