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Learning How to Laugh: Filmmaker Cheryl Dunye at Image et Nation, Montreal's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

by Judith Nicholson

Rites, Jan. 1992, no. 76

The article documents Cheryl Dunye's appearance at the Image et Nation Montreal's Lesbian & Gay Film Festival - promoted as the "black lesbian" filmmaker her appearance is receiving media attention even from mainstream outlets such as the CBC. Dunye's work Janine and She Don't Fade will be part of the larger work presented by the festival, then in its fourth year. Dunye, who uses Brecht like distancing effects in She Don't Fade, explores lesbian self depiction with respect to both race and sexuality. Issues of this nature are evidenced in the personal politics of Dunye's herself, believing that in terms of representation one should, from their anger, create culture.

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JanineCheryl Dunye

She Don't Fade

Homo PromoJenni Olson

DyketacticsBarbara Hammer


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