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Street Spirit: Representin' the lollipop guild

by Sarah Liss

EYE WEEKLY, Apr. 3, 2008, p. 30

Sarah Liss reviews G.B. Jones' The Lollipop Generation, as part of her Street Spirit music column. A decade and a half in the making the movie by G.B. Jones, media artist and Fifth Column Founder, states that the film is portrait of a subculture that no longer exists. The film was made on a shot-by-shot budget and is a nostalgic portrait for those who remember punk Toronto landmarks. However, since the work was made over a long period of time, Liss argues that it is also about the transition between generations. As well, the inclusion of such work in mediums such as youtube connect it's alternative message to people all over the world - who are likely to identify with the subtext and the subculture.

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