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A sugar free cinematic revolution

by Bryen Dunn

Fab, Apr. 3, 2008, p. 11

A short synopsis on G.B. Jones' film The Lollipop Generation which is set to open the 21st Images Festival. A film 13 years in the making, G.B. Jones features queer scene icons such as Jean von Bruckner, Vaginal Cream Davis, Scott Treleven, Paul P. who are clearly directed to act as themselves. The film also features an original soundtrack with the with original work by Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras who appears in and writes the theme song for the film - other queer acts include; Anonymous Boy and the Abominations, Bunny and the Lakers, Jane Danger, Swishin' Duds and Mariae Nascenti.

ITEM 2008.075 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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The Lollipop GenerationG.B. Jones

Jean von Bruckner

Vaginal Cream Davis

Scott Treleven

Paul P.

Joel Gibb