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Me, You and Everyone We Know

torontoist, Mar. 15, 2008

A brief mention of exhibitions taking place in two of Toronto's Contemporary art galleries. The first, Decalage by Montreal-based artist Bettina Hoffman was featured in Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art. The work which features two screen on either side of the gallery room looping the same images while slightly out of sync. The second, Vivencia Poetica or Poetic Lived Experience is a collection of collaborations between establish and emerging artists. In A series of Minor Incidents by Diane Borsato and Stacey Sproule one sees a photo essay of slightly clumsy girls.

ITEM 2008.099 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

DecalageBettina Hoffman

Vicencia Poetica

A series of minor incidentsDiane Borsato

Stacey Sproule

ALMA: Anticipation, Transformation and JourneyKeith Jones

Diane Lopez Soto