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An Interview With Director Leila Sujir

by Sarah Murphy

Canadian Theatre Review, Spring 2008, no. 94, pp. 1-5

This interview explores the imagery utilized in the docufiction: The Dreams of the Night Cleaners. Director, Leila Sujir, discusses her use of the metanarrative; representing a history both researched and autobiographical, referencing the "international monetary polices... [of the public that] threaten to engulf the smaller stories that are ourselves". . Fragmentation is utilized by Sujir to create a style disjointed from Western Documentary, aiming to represent something both equally familiar and exotic in the two ethnic histories that she presents.

This article is a transcript, not a copy from a magazine.

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The Dreams of the Night CleanersLeila Sujir

My Two GrandmothersLeila Sujir

Working PortraitsLeila Sujir

Archival Moments in a Ongoing Set of Power Relations.Leila Sujir