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private Regina: the poetics of memory

by Christina Strojanova

Splice Magazine, Winter 2009, pp. 5-9

The loosening of 'national tradition and historical' past has errupted an unprecedented interest of self-archiving. Saskatchewan filmmakers Steve Suderman, Brian Stockton and Gerald Saul, create films that are self-reflexive "and truly (post)modern approaches to the intimacy of family", capturing first hand records of personal memory. Through utilizing a interactive documentary style, they explore the private self and Western Canadian identity, all the while focusing on twenty-first century capitalism and its dehumanizing effect on the private self and familiy.

ITEM 2009.002 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Over Land (2006-2008)Steve Suderman

The Epic Story of My Life (2002-2008)Brian Stockton

Mr. Saul's Utopia (2005-2008)Gerald Saul