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Social Justice, Artistic Practice and New Technologies:: Gender and Disability Activisms and Identities in Film and Digital Video

by Janice Hladki

Atlantis, Spring 2008, pp. 45-56

This article by Janice Hladki takes a look at the trilogy Whole: A Trinity of Being (Pin Pricks + Voice/Over + Entry) (2004) by South African disabled/feminist activist and artist Shelley Barry. In the article Hldaki refers to Barry as an artist who works with new technologies to reconfigure normative representation of gender and disability. She reworks gendered disability to suggest, "the categories 'disabled', 'handicapped', and 'impaired' are products of a society invested in denying the variability of the body". In addition to this Hladki speaks of Barry's work as conceptualizing the ways that individual and collective identities intersect and offer possibilities for activist practices.

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Whole, 2004Shelley Barry