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Kika Thorne: Bodies and Desire

by Mike Hoolboom

LUX: A Decade of Artists' Film & Video, 2000, pp. 239-247

Toronto: YYZ books and PleasureDome, 2000

From political protest to diary like film entries, the work of Kika Thorne maintains a style of casual documentation. With the merging of public and private spheres, Thorne plays between the extremes of dominace and submission: 'repellence and acceptance'. Her early work centering on power and gender roles has evolved toward an exploration of "state power, race, and the bisexual kingdom". She draws attention to the presence of the filmmaker through the act of framing. These duel representation of scenes draw our attention to its context and stresses the content in what is represented.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Discovery of Canada (1990) 4minKika Thorne

Fashion (1992) 3minKika Thorne

Division (1991) 3minKika Thorne

You=Architectural (1991) 11minKika Thorne

Whatever (1994) 21 minKika Thorne

Suspicious (1995) 6min [collaboration with Kelley O'Brien]Kika Thorne

October 25 + 26th (1997) 8minKika Thorne

Mattress City (1998) 8minKika Thorne

Kathy Acker In School (1997) 8minKika Thorne

Intraduction (1997) 3minKika Thorne

WORK (1999) 11minKika Thorne