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Cut to the Radical of Orientation: Twin Notes on being in touch in Gary Hill's (Videosmatic) Installation, Cut Pipe

by George Quasha and Charles Stein

The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader, 2002, pp. 63-83

New York: Routledge press, 2002

This article explores yearning and longing, touch and the untouchable, through the video installation of Gary Hill's Cut Pipe. On encountering the installation, Hill's work welcomes the voyeur, pleads with us to cross the boundary rejected by the museum or custodian; The wedge that separates art and life (do not touch). Hill's work creates an intimacy that invites the viewer to explore - to be guided by blind orientation to experience a new dimension, to return again from a void place, the middle, and leave the same as before.

ITEM 2002.085 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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