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Electronic Color in Experimental Video Art

by Carolyn Lee Kane

Pleasure Dome, 2008, pp. 192 - 211

Toronto: Pleasure Dome, 2008

From the recent Pleasure Dome publication (Cinematic Folds: The Furling and Unfurling of Images) Carolyn Lee Kane generates an in-depth look into the use of colour in Experimental Video Art with her essay: Electronic Color in Experimental Video Art. By providing the reader with an articulate history of aesthetics, along with a contextualization of examples (namely the work of: Steina and Wood Vasulka), Kane provides an interesting investigation on how experimental video artist's have utilized colour as a means of communicating both the technical nature of excessive abstraction - and order, and the intoxication of the Dionysian rausch (high); that new meanings may be given with the "proper" approach.

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