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Altered Body Maps and the Cinematic Sensorium

by Anna Powell

Cinematic Folds: The Furling and Unfurling of Images, 2008, pp. 232 - 256

Toronto: Pleasure Dome, 2008

From the recent Pleasure Dome publication (Cinematic Folds: The Furling and Unfurling of Images) Anna Powell provides an interesting look into the desire arousing structures of experimental film making. In her essay: Altered Body Maps and the Cinematic Sensorium, Powell approaches film under a Delusian/Gautarrian lens where she discusses a troupe of experimental filmakers and their libidinal investments. Studing the evolution of coded bodies of the biological and psychological, as well as, the structural agenic formations between images and their viewers; their faults and their faness.

** This is an abridged version from Anna Powell, Deleuze, Altered States and Film, (Edinburgh: U of Edinburgh Press, 2007), 100-10, 116-23. Copyright permission courtesy of the author and publisher.

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