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NJP Digest: Electronic Art Intermix, New York

WRO99: The 7th Annual International Media Art Biennale, 1999, pp. 94-103

Wroclaw: WRO99, 1999

This article provides a retrospective of contemporary video artist Nam June Paik, who uses video sculptures, installations and performances to explore the juncture of art and pop culture. This article details Paik’s artistic style and process, concepts, famous works, international success, and collaborations.

ITEM 1999.091 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Global GrooveNam June Paik

A Tribute to John CageJohn Cage

Merce by Merce by PaikMerce Cunningham

Allan 'n' Allen's ComplaintAllen Ginsberg and Allan Kaprow

Living withe the Living TheatreJulien Beck adn Judith Malina

MAJORCA-fantasiaJoseph Beuys

Opera SextroniqueNam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman

TV Bra for Living SculptureNam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman

TV CelloNam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman

TV BuddhaNam June Paik

TV GardenNam June Paik

Fish Flies on SkyNam June Paik

Family of the RobotNam June Paik

MegatronNam June Paik

Good Minring Mr. OrwellNam June Paik

Bye Bye KiplingNam June Paik

Video-Film ConcertNam June Paik and Jud Yalkit

Guadalcanal RequiemNam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman

Sexual HealingShigeko Kubota