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Politics become film: Sundance 20009: Obama's inauguration, Martin Luther King Day, and the premiere of a Canadian doc on radical politics in Mississippi highlight a radical shift in the U.S.A Saltzman reports from Park City.

by Daviyani Saltzman

POV, Summer 2009, no. 74, pp. 30- 33

Devyni Saltzman reports on his experience at the premiere of his father's film Prom Night in Mississippi at the Sundance Film Festival. In the article Saltzman visits a number of different screenings. He describes the energy and excitement expressed in the festival by both audiences and film makers. When attending the premier of his fathers film he reflects on the films social and political subject matter and rates its impact on the audience, as well as its legacy as a continuation of the history of the Civil Rights movement.

ITEM 2009.026 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Prom Night In MississippiPaul Saltzman

El GeneralNatalia Almada

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