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Jørgen Leth

The Documentary Makers: Interviews With the Best in the Business, 2003

Mies: Roto Vision, 2003

This article is a first-person reflection on the life and work of Jørgen Leth, a Danish filmmaker. An image of his life’s trajectory, from his early life as a poet and jazz journalist, to his mature life as a prolific filmmaker, is sketched out. Discussion of films from different points in his career provides insight into his evolution as a filmmaker. The article includes production stills from The Perfect Human, 66 Scenes From America, Haiti.Untitled, and The Five Obstructions.

ITEM 2003.116 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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The Perfect HumanJørgen Leth

Notebook From ChinaJørgen Leth

Haiti.UntitledJørgen Leth

The Five ObstructionsJørgen Leth

The Five ObstructionsLars Von Trier

AmericaJørgen Leth

The Erotic HumanJørgen Leth