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The long and the tall of it: Art and Outrage: The Films of Ian Toews

by Gerald Saul

Splice Magazine, Winter 2009, pp. 18-20

This article provides an overview of the filmography of Ian Toews, beginning with his earliest experimental films, such as the 1997 Window, and ending with his five season television series, Landscape as Muse. Running through Toews work are assertions of the value of Art and Art making, comments on American politics, and questioning perceptions landscape and architecture. Recently, Toews has chosen to move from super-8 or 16mm into high definition video, a move that will perhaps prompt a further reinvention of his practice.

ITEM 2009.032 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

WindowIan Toews

Four CornersIan Toews

Drive: automatic/standardIan Toews

Japan: Kesei Line Single TakeIan Toews

Empire Studies in Contrast. #2: BoulderIan Toews

Empire Studies in Contrast. #3: Tempe, ArizonaIan Toews

Opening of JapanIan Toews

Landscape as MuseIan Toews

The Cumberland MarshesIan Toews