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Luminato 09: The Show You Won't See: The Koffler Centre was all for Reena Katz's love letter to Kensington - until it got wind fo her views on Israel.

by Susan G. Cole

NOW, June 4, 2009, v. 28, no. 40, pp. 39-39

This article explores the controversy over Reena Katz’s proposed exhibit Each Hand As They Are Called, part of Toronto’s 2009 Luminato Festival. Dissociated from the Koffler Centre, one of its main promoters and funders, because of Katz’s views on the Israel/Palestine conflict, the show has encountered major setbacks. Many of the participants from the Jewish community have withdrawn. Katz expresses confusion and anger over what she believes is misdirected censorship.

ITEM 2009.042 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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