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Video Wonderlands Created For Museums and Galleries

by William Zimmer

New York Times, Mar. 6, 1987, pp. 19, 26

William Zimmer reviews "video wonderlands" created by New York artists around the city, speculating about the "wasteland" of television and the ways video art continues to change what we think about many forms of media. He explains that the resurgent interest in video art "...doesn't mean that video artists are deliberately trying to be entertaining; it's that now everyone feels freed from the constraints of commercial television."

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Trade WindLes Levine

East/WestHung Su-Chen

Bill Viola

Linda Benglis

Keith Sonnier

Bruce Nauman

William Wegman

Close FrenziesLes Levine

Sweet Red-2Hung Su-Chen

Dale Hoyt

Betsy Damon

War MopCarolee Schneemann

I'm Glad to the Brink of FearJohn Knecht

Joan Braderman

Simple Case for TortureMartha Rosler

Sign on a TruckJenny Holzer

Trial of the Tilted ArcCheang Shu Lea

Survival Research Laboratories

Ed Rankus

Gretchen Bender

Robert Longo

Mark Karlin

Buzz BoxDavid Daniels

Smothering DreamsDan Reeves

Kiss the GirlsDara Birnbaum

WildernessMary Lucier