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The Videotape Collection at Media Study/Buffalo: a report

by John Minkowsky

Afterimage, Feb. 1978, v. 5, no. 8, pp. 4-5

Minkowsky, a member of Media Sutdy/Buffalo, announces the inauguration of Videotape Collection, an archive of artists' exploration with video between 1964-1976. The influence of three American public television stations are highlighted as centers for the evolution of video aesthetically, theoretically, and in terms of the development of new tools. Featuring 125 hours of videotape, there is a special focus on electronic manipulation. The collection is a research and teaching tool.

ITEM 1978.035 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

!Heimskringla!Tom O'Horgan

Bill Allen

Stephen Beck

Richard Felciano

Irving BridgeWilliam Gwin

Irving BridgeWarner Jepson

Brice Howard

Kiss With No UpDon Hallock

PassageWilliam Roarty

LostineWillard Rosenquist

SorceryLoren Sears

SorceryRobert Zagone

Jazz ImagesFred Barzyk

City/Motion/Space/GameStan Vanderbeek

Jackie Cassen

Rusell Connor

Douglas Davis

Allan Kaprow

Constantine Manos

Nam Jun Paik

Otto Piene

James Seawright

Thomas Tadlock

Aldo Tambellini

Wen-Ying Tsai

Peter Campus

Ron Hays

William Wegman

ScrampmatesEd Emshwiller

Crossings and MeetingsEd Emshwiller

Family FocusEd Emshwiller

Sweet VerticalityWillim Gwin

Skip Sweeney

Golden VoyageWoody and Steina Vaskulka

Key SnowWoody and Steina Vaskulka

Soundgated ImagesWoody and Steina Vaskulka

HomeWoody and Steina Vaskulka