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Notes on William Wegman

by Maud Lavin

Artforum, Mar. 1975, v. 13, no. 7, pp. 44-47

This article follows the exhibition of William Wegman’s video work at the Museum of Modern Art, providing a broad survey of his career, including his movement from sculpture into video and other mediums. Writer Maud Lanvin finds him most successful when he centers on domesticity and humanizes conceptual art with his personal sense of humour.

ITEM 1975.016 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Rage and DepressionWilliam Wegman

Heads or TailsWilliam Wegman

Before/On/After: PermutationsWilliam Wegman

Born with No MouthWilliam Wegman

Half and HalfsWilliam Wegman

Furniture ArrangementWilliam Wegman

Family CombinationsWilliam Wegman

Thoth with tholesWilliam Wegman

Untied On Tied OffWilliam Wegman

ElbowsWilliam Wegman

Eleven Toothpick ExpressionsWilliam Wegman