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An Interview with Robert Huot

by Scott Macdonald

Afterimage, Feb. 1980, v. 7, no. 7, pp. 8-12

This in-depth interview with Robert Huot explores his body of independent film work. Initially a painter, Huot began working with film after establishing himself as an artist in New York. Reacting to the commodification of his work he participated in the movement to 'dematerialize' the art object in the 70's. Largely disenfranchised with the impact of the movement, he left public life. Huot purchased and moved to a farm. His farm became the site for the majority of his film works. Reflecting on his filmsin this interview, Huot, provides insight into his personal life, his relationship with Hollis Frampton, his exploration of structuralism, as well as detailed explanations of the process and intent behind specific films.

ITEM 1980.063 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

ScratchRobert Huot

LeaderRobert Huot

From LoopsRobert Huot

SprayRobert Huot

Red StockingsRobert Huot

Cross-Cut--A Blue MovieRobert Huot

Black and White FilmRobert Huot

Nude Descending the StairsRobert Huot

One YearRobert Huot

The Sex Life of an Artist as a Young ManRobert Huot

StripRobert Huot

Rolls: 1971Robert Huot

Third One-Year Movie--1972Robert Huot

Face of FacesRobert Huot

Diary Film #4--1973Robert Huot

Beautiful MovieRobert Huot

China: 1978Robert Huot

Diary 1974-75Robert Huot

Fades and Close-UpsRobert Huot

Super-8 Diary: 1979Robert Huot

Fire, 653 BroadwayRobert Huot