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Joanna Malinowska at Canada

by David Coggins

Art in America, Oct. 2006, v. 94, no. 9, pp. 193-194

An article by David Coggins on Joanna Malinowska's video series "In Search of the Miraculous, Continued ...," 4-channel video installation. Part 1 (2006) is the story of a pretty woman, the real-life pianist Piotr Anderszewski, and a paper bag full of oranges, played to the soundtrack of Anderszewski performing Bach. Part 2 (2005) is about a stereo abandoned in the Bafflin Island in the Canadian arctic that plays the recording by Glenn Gould, also of music by Bach. Part 3 (2006) is an ode to John Cage's "4'33" which is performed by a young Japanese woman in an elaborate gown while riding in a subway car. These wistful and funny stories are a celebration of private fantasies in the public realm.

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In Search of the Miraculous, Continued ...Joanna Malinowska

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