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Rumours of Our Breath

by Len Findlay

Border Crossings, July 1993, v. 12, no. 3, pp. 50-53

A review of the two part exhibition; Corpus I and Corpus II. Curator Bruce Grenville opts to work within the site of the human body, with processes focussed on 'dialogue',

"a term marking engagement with language which he sees as distinguishing much recent work in Canada and elsewhere" (50).

Corpus I comprises 11 post-minimalist artists whose work "marks a return to the body as a site where repetition and minimal change may intersect once again with narrative"(51).

Corpus II highlights the work of 12 artists, particularly feminist women and gay men. The works in Corpus II all incorporate linguistic turns, patriarchal inscriptions, and psychoanalytic concepts.

Together, Corpus 1 and Corpus II reinforce the "continuing commitment Canadian artists have to remaking the body as sensorium and social signifier" (53).

ITEM 1993.150 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Birthday Suit - with Scars and DefectsLisa Steele

Theodore Wan

Choreography of the Dotted LineSuzy Lake

Betty Goodwin

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Close KnitAganetha Dyck

Gathie Falk

Structure #4Colette Whiten

Stigmata DiaboliNicole Jolicoeur

Illustrated ManRod Steiger

Ruth Scheuing

Souvenirs of the SelfJinme Yoon

Untitled (Mountains near Jasper)Lawren Harris

Security Blanket: A Child's QuiltBarbara Todd

Pale Coffin QuiltBarbara Todd

Body DoubleMina Totino

Imago [XII]Mary Scott

Excerpts (Nietzsche on Women)Anne Ramsden

HellTom Dean

GirlTom Dean

Robert Flack

Patrick Traer