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The Video Show

by David Hall

Art and Artists, May 1975, v. 10, no. 110/2, pp. 20-25

Review of an Arts Council festival featuring British video curated in part by the author. Hall writes at length on the technical and perceptual differences between video and film: the TV as a quotidian piece of furniture that thus saves video from the elitism of high art, video as a continuous stream and total signal, video and instantaneity. The author laments the lack of interest of broadcast television in video art in the UK, and the absence of institutional interest in The Video Show. Hall suggests that video art in Britain is behind the rest of the world in terms of exhibition and experiment, which he attributes to the expense of video in the UK. He advocates an interdisciplinary approach among artists for video art to grow. Hall examines the videos chosen for The Video Show in great detail, with emphasis on works that involve time-delay and time-oriented installations and the anti-filmic particularities of video.

ITEM 1975.023 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Doug Waterman

Test No. 1Michael Druks

Corridor InstallationRoger Barnado

Gerry Schum

Woody Vasulka

Steina Vasulka

Ed Emschwiller

Tom Dewitt

Irving BridgeWilliam Gwin

BoomerangRichard Serra

Past Future Split AttentionDan Graham

Television Delivers PeopleRichard Serra

Vertical RollJoan Jonas

BothJim Byrne

Dieter Froese

Paul Sharits

Contact Piece - Nude ModelEric Cameron

Test Card PieceClive Richardson

Support - SurfaceRené Bauermeister

TransvideoRené Bauermeister

Is it Art?Peter Weibel

Valie Export

Tak Ilmura

Nam June Paik

Yet Another TriangleDavid Critchley

VideventBrian Hoey

Outside the Grounds of Obscenity and Inside the Grounds of Hyde ParkMike Leggett

Nemo OmenStuart Pound

Dance InsideJune Marsh

Dance InsideMary Sheridan

Dance InsideJohn Gray

Dance InsideVideoart Group

SketchesClive Richardson

Darcy Lange

Suburban ShowdownRon Carr

CrosspointsSteve Partridge

Liz Rhodes

Rotary PlaythingTony Sinden

VacuumTony Sinden

101 TV SetsTony Sinden

PerformancesLee Noble

FacesLee Noble

G.I. ViewsGroup Identity

Live/DelayTrevor Pollard

BreezeTamara Krikorian

Set Piece for One PerformerRolande Thomas

Set Piece for One PerformerPeter Mitchelson

Three Views from The ParkSue Braden

Blind CircuitMike Dunford

Dirk Larsen

First ConversationBill Lundberg

Pete Livingstone

This is a Video MonitorDavid Hall

AspectsDavid Hall

Relative SurfacesDavid Hall

Vidicon InscriptionsDavid Hall

Dieffenbachia RollDavid hall

Progressive RecessionDavid hall

SnowcaleSteve Partridge

CorridorRoger Barnard