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CAPS Video: Brady, Cohen, DeWitt, Levine, Gusella, Buckner, Hornbacher, Sorenson, Velez, Ramos, Schneider, Tsuchiya

by Janis Croft-Williams, Peter Mitchell and Robert Shea

Afterimage, Dec. 1980, v. 8, no. 5, pp. 8-9

A compilation of reviews of videotapes by the 1980 recipients of New York's CAPS (Creative Artists Program Service) grants, divided into three curatorial categories: Life In Art, Electronic Visions, and Video/Culture.

Life In Art comprises the autobiographical work: Thirty-Four Years by Mark Brady, A-LONE-SOME. I Make All the Noise by Maxi Cohen, My Mime by Tom DeWitt and Diamond Mind by Les Levine.

Electronic Visions encompasses performative and process based work such as The Exquisite Corpse by Ernest Gusella, Pictures of the Lost by Barbara Buckner, Roll-Off: A Flagging Index of Proportion by Sara Hornbacher, and Light Music by Vibeke Sorensen.

Video/Culture consists of anthropological studies like Tule: The Cuna Indians of San Blas by Edin Velez, Nor was this all by any means by Anthony Ramos, Some Scenes in Southern California by Ira Schneider, and Untitled Tape -1977 by Arthur Tsuchiya.

ITEM 1980.066 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Thirty-Four YearsMark Brady

A-LONE-SOME. I Make All The NoiseMaxi Cohen

My MimeTom DeWitt

Diamond MindLes Levine

The Exquisite CorpseErnest Gusella

Pictures of the LostBarbara Buckner

Roll-Off: A Flagging Index of ProportionSara Hornbacher

Light MusicVibeke Sorensen

Tule: The Cuna Indians of San BlasEdin Velez

Nor was this all by any meansAnthony Ramos

Some Scenes in Southern CaliforniaIra Schneider

Untitled Tape-1977Arthur Tsuchiya