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Manhattan short cuts: Ed Emshwiller, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, Dec. 23-Jan.16, 1983: Davidson Gigliotti/Urban Fenestration, at Anthology Film Archives, New York, Feb. 3; German Video from 1963-1982/Ulrike Rosenbach, Ulay and Marina Abramovic, Rebecca Horn, Herbert Wentscher, Barbara Hammann, Dieter Froese Bernd Kracke, Ingo Gunther, at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, Dec. 9, 1982-Jan. 31, 1983.

by Ann-Sargent Wooster

Afterimage, May 1983, v. 10, no. 10, pp. 17-18

A review of several multi-channel installations in Manhattan. While identifying Emshwiller's installation as regression to the interests of the 1970s made modern only by its colour palette, the author takes special exception at Emshwiller's intrusive and dehumanizing imagery of a passive woman for what he calls an exploration of the human body as a source of sound. Gigliotti creates a landscape piece using images shot from the windows of his loft, emphasising surface detail. The MOMA exhibit on German video art presents a picture of a well-maintained state-supported production structure, which the author insists is largely untrue. The German tapes show an emphasis on performance.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Space PassesEd Emshwiller

Vascular PassesEd Emshwiller

Cut PassesEd Emshwiller

PassesEd Emshwiller

Echo PassEd Emshwiller

Urban FenestrationDavidson Gigliotti

Pan PassesEd Emshwiller

Reflexionen ueber die Geburt der Venus (Reflections on the Birth of Venus 1976-78)Ulrike Rosenbach


Light/DarkMarina Abramovic

Light/DarkF. Uwe Laysiepen

Berlin-Uebungen in 9 Stucken (Berlin Exercvises in 9 Parts, 1974-75)Rebecca Horn

Johann von HeemskerckHerbert Wentscher

Frage (Questions, 1979)Barbara Hammann

Art TripDieter Forese

Media GamesBernd Kracke

Hi TaoIngo Gunther