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Letters to the editor: The arts and Big Brother

by Alex McLean, Audrey Prendergast and Vera Frenkel

The Globe and Mail, Oct. 6, 2008

This section contains three responses to Christie Blatchford's article on cuts in arts funding. Alex McLean, co-artistic director of Zuppa Circus Theatre, writes that Blatchford's claim that artists believe Big Brother must be the only, cradle-to-grave funder of the arts is ridiculous since in reality, artists rely on a combination of public and private sponsorship, ticket revenue and teaching salaries. Audrey Prendergast from Victoria points out, contrary to Blatchford's arguments, that not only philanthropists and corporations have already played a bigger role in supporting the arts, but the government's cuts also undermine the value of modest programs that support arts and culture for young people. Vera Frenkel, an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist, vehemently argues that the rigorous peer-review of public funding is not only internationally admired but much better in its fairness compared to corporate sponsorship lauded by Blatchford.

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