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Feminist Video: Reiterating the difference

by Marita Sturken

Afterimage, Apr. 1985, v. 12, no. 9, pp. 9-11

A review of two recent shows that attempt to define feminism in video. Difference took a psychoanalytic approach, will Revising Romance emphasized approaches to romance in videos by women, divided into Domestic Drama, Revisionist Romance, The Double Blind and Video Picaresque. Revising Romance emphasizes feminist takes on pop culture forms like the soap opera and the film noir, but the programme suffers from having too many pieces of uneven length. Difference emphasizes the ways in which women are constructed as desirable and "other" bodies in television and cinema while extending the umbrella of feminist otherness to include gay men. The author is pleased that both exhibits include works by men, but notes that video, unlike cinema, has developed outside of male hierarchies, and is therefore a medium that shares its outlook more equally among genders.

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