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Modern times: Appropriation of Culture: The IBM Tramp by Stephen Papson

by David Trend

Afterimage, Apr. 1986, v. 13, no. 9, p. 23

A review of a self-distributed educational tape by sociologist Stephen Papson that carefully analyses the ongoing IBM campaign that recreates excerpts from Modern Times. The author champions Papson's analysis of IBM's abuse of Chaplin's Tramp because it eschews the abstract, arty and therefore confusing video deconstructions of commercials by artists like Dara Birnbaum.

ITEM 1986.105 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Appropriation of Culture: The IBM TrampStephen Papson

Pop-Pop VideoDara Birnbaum

Made for TVAnn Magnuson

Science MixSteve Hawley

Science MixTom Steyger

Martha Rosler

Bruce Barber