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Myths of the Heart: The Film and Video World of Mako Idemitsu

by Norio Nishijima

Nishijima provides a brief survey of Idemitsu's early works "in order to understand her video work properly." Briefly touching upon over half of Idemitsu's 25 early films, Nishijima uses formal analysis and Jungian psychology to explore themes present in the works: light and shadow, women's everyday reality and the frustrations of being a (Japanese) housewife, conscious and unconscious lives of women, familial relationships (mother/son and wife/husband), and identity conflicts experienced by women.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

At Yukigaya 2Mako Idemitsu

At Yukigaya 4Mako Idemitsu

Something Within MeMako Idemitsu

Tawamure to Kimagure to (Play and Capriciousness)Mako Idemitsu

Chichi no Jokei (Mental Landscape of Father)Mako Idemitsu

Zawameki no moto de (At the Source of the Disturbance)Mako Idemitsu

Another Day of a HousewifeMako Idemitsu

At Any Place 4Mako Idemitsu

ShadowMako Idemitsu

AnimusMako Idemitsu

Great MotherMako Idemitsu

Hideo, It's Me, MamaMako Idemitsu

Kae, Act Like a GirlMako Idemitsu

Kiyoko's SituationMako Idemitsu