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Indians have culture, whites just get art

by Jon Whyte

Banff Crag & Canyon, Jan. 13, 1988

"Indians have culture, whites just get art" is a review of Re-Visions, a curated show by Helga Pakasaar. Aboriginal artists mentioned include: Jimmie Durham, Edward Poitras, Mike MacDonald, and Joane Cardinal-Schubert. A short description of each artist and their piece is also included. Whyte aligns himself with the aboriginal opinion of the show, suggesting that perhaps the overall show could have been stronger with a contemporary competitive chicken dancing costumes, or photographs of Stoney Christmas lighting. Morever, Edgar A. Heap of Birds critiques Pakasaar's choices, who goes along with convention and selects established artists rather than risking it with other less established artists.

ITEM 1988.120 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Electric Totem 87Mike MacDonald

Keeper of the VisionJoane Cardinal-Schubert